WikiPremed Diagnostic Quizzes

The WikiPremed Diagnostic Quizzes

Each physics diagnostic quiz consists of 85 true-false questions; each chemistry quiz has 90 questions; and the biology quizzes each have 120 questions. These quizzes will teach you a great deal of science. They will also teach you the points of common confusion that MCAT writers exploit in making their multiple choice answer choices. The true and false statements in each exam are designed to show you how language is used in designing correct and incorrect answers in multiple choice questions on the new MCAT.

  • From beta testing with our Skype students, a score of 80% on the physics and chemistry questions in the weeks prior to taking the exam is consistent with a performance of at least 90th percentile on new MCAT physical sciences.
  • The score reports after each exam will provide your relative performance data versus other test-takers at the topic level.
  • A printable version of the score report for each test will be available. In addition to diagnostic information, the printable reports provide all questions with complete explanations.
  • The quizzes remember your place, so you can log back in later and continue where you left off. In other words, you can divide a quiz between sessions.

Please do not become discouraged if your first quiz does not go so well. It is not uncommon to miss almost half of these questions early in review and still end up with a great MCAT score. The complete set of questions provides good coverage of the ideas behind many questions on the MCAT. These quizzes are diagnostic tools to help you identify where you need remediation and help you monitor your progress throughout MCAT review. They will also help you learn a great deal of science you need for the exam. Hopefully, they will also be fun!