Detail of the endomembrane system and its components

Detail of the animal cell endomembrane system and its components.

Module 8

The cell is the basic structural unit of all living things. A cell is an open, dynamic system. A great deal of biology involves the endless complexities involved in the flow of energy and information within and between cells.

Main Progression

Biological Membranes
The Eukaryotic Cell
Signal Transduction

Knowledge Mapping

Bird's Eye View - Continue mastering the entire body of MCAT science material as you prepare for your first practice test this module.
Conceptual Integration - Make connections in terms of biochemical, signaling and genetic processes from the cellular perspective and between cell biology and the level of tissues and organ systems.
Testing - Take your first full length practice test.

Psychology & Sociology

The lobes of the cerebral cortex include the frontal (blue), temporal (green), occipital (red), and parietal lobes (yellow). The cerebellum (unlabeled) is not part of the telencephalon.

The lobes of the cerebral cortex.

Identity and Personality

Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills

In Module 1 we begin a regular practice of reading from a variety of nonfiction sources. In addition to beginning our regular reading, we also begin the process of breaking down the CARS exam format as a form with its own set of rules. The better you understand the methods and intentions of the test-writers, the better you will become at interpreting CARS questions.