The essential spliceosome component U2AF bound to a short polypyrimidine RNA fragment.

Keep your confidence and never panic when a molecular biology passage starts unfolding with detail after detail. Molecular biology passages are the MCAT writer's way of bullying. Don't let them see you sweat. The harder the passage the easier the questions!

Module 11

Molecular genetics is the study of genetic material and its activity at the molecular level. It is a large field encompassing the expression and regulation of genes at the molecular level, the processes underlying cellular reproduction, genetic recombination and the investigative strategies of the modern molecular biology laboratory.

Main Progression

Mendelian Genetics
Gene Expression
DNA Replication, Repair & Cellular Reproduction
Recombination & Mutation
Human Genetics
Viruses & Prions
The Molecular Biology Laboratory

Knowledge Mapping

Bird's Eye View - Full comprehensive review cycle.
Conceptual Integration - The focus is on biochemical perspectives within molecular genetics as well as crossroads leading from regulation of gene expression to other topics within biology such as cell signaling, development, the endocrine system and immunity.
Testing - A comprehensive cycle of diagnostic tests as well as an optional full-length practice test.

Psychology & Sociology

Interaction and Social Behavior

Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills

In Module 1 we begin a regular practice of reading from a variety of nonfiction sources. In addition to beginning our regular reading, we also begin the process of breaking down the CARS exam format as a form with its own set of rules. The better you understand the methods and intentions of the test-writers, the better you will become at interpreting CARS questions.