Overview of oxidative metabolism

Overview of oxidative metabolism.

Module 9

Cellular respiration describes the molecular mechanisms by which cells transform the redox potential of nutrients into the phosphoryl transfer potential that powers cellular activity. Everything we have been studying in previous modules has been building towards a complete vocabulary to bring to this module on bioenergetics.

Main Progression

Oxidation-Reduction in Organic Chemistry
Citric Acid Cycle
Oxidative Phosphorylation

Knowledge Mapping

Bird's Eye View - Comprehensive self-assessment of topical learning goals in the light of last module's practice test. Identify strengths and weaknesses to construct a plan for remediation.
Conceptual Integration - Apply the conceptual understanding of chemical change, the fundamental principles in physics, chemistry, and organic reaction chemistry, to the processes of energy metabolism.
Testing - Prepare for your second full length practice test next module.

Psychology & Sociology

Abnormal Psychology

Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills

In Module 1 we begin a regular practice of reading from a variety of nonfiction sources. In addition to beginning our regular reading, we also begin the process of breaking down the CARS exam format as a form with its own set of rules. The better you understand the methods and intentions of the test-writers, the better you will become at interpreting CARS questions.