The universe of classical mechanics.

In translational mechanics you conceptualize phenomena in terms of a simple field of reference described by basic quantities involving position and time.

Module 1

We gain the tools to describe the behavior of physical bodies and interpret the changes that occur within physical, chemical and biological systems at the most fundamental level.

Main Progression

Work Energy & Power
Simple Harmonic Motion
Elastic Properties
Fluid Mechanics

Knowledge Mapping

Bird's Eye View - Take a tour of physics as a whole.
Conceptual Integration - Work to get the fundamental concepts of mechanics talking together and also preview gravitational and electrostatic systems from the perspective of mechanics.
Testing - Take a short physics diagnostic test to establish familiarity with the challenges ahead a help set the baseline in the learning management system.

Psychology & Sociology

The Human Nervous System - The nervous system is the biological basis of human behavior. We return to this material again in Module 12 with a deeper hard science perspective.

Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills

We start breaking down the CARS exam to understand the methods and intentions of the test-writers, and we begin a regular practice of reading from a variety of nonfiction sources.