Module 4

Now that we can describe the structure of matter at level of the atom, chemical bond, and at the intermolecular level, we are ready to describe chemical change thermodynamically and kinetically.

Main Progression

Heat & Temperature
Ideal Gas and Kinetic Theory
First Law of Thermodynamics
Second Law of Thermodynamics
Chemical Thermodynamics and the Equilibrium State
The States of Matter
Physical Properties of Organic Compounds
Chemical Kinetics

Knowledge Mapping

Bird's Eye View - A retrospective cycle, reviewing the main progression topics covered in previous modules.
Conceptual Integration - An extremely important module bringing to fruition our earlier work. An intense and challenging set of discussions designed to help you integrate a great deal of physics and chemistry.
Testing - Comprehensive physics assessment within printed materials, specific assignments depending on whether you are using ExamKrackers, TBR, or Kaplan.

Psychology & Sociology

Regions of the brain associated with phobias.

Ivan Pavlov


Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills

In Module 1 we begin a regular practice of reading from a variety of nonfiction sources. In addition to beginning our regular reading, we also begin the process of breaking down the CARS exam format as a form with its own set of rules. The better you understand the methods and intentions of the test-writers, the better you will become at interpreting CARS questions.

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