Psychiatric Diagnosis

  1. Dimensional models of personality disorders conceptualize personality disorders as quantitatively rather than qualitatively different from normal personality.
  2. Categorical models of personality disorders are based on the boolean presence or absence of symptoms and do not take into account levels of expression of a characteristic or the presence of any underlying dimension.
  3. Prevalence in epidemiology is the proportion of a population found to have a condition, arrived at by comparing the number of people found to have the condition with the total number of people.
  4. The Robins and Guze criteria for validity of a diagnostic concept representing a mental disorder were clinical description, laboratory studies, delimitation from other disorders, follow-up studies and family studies.
  5. DSM-IV-TR, the predecessor to the most current DSM edition, the DSM-5

    DSM-IV-TR, the predecessor to the most current DSM edition, the DSM-5.

  6. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), published by the American Psychiatric Association, offers a common language and standard criteria for the classification of mental disorders.
  7. Comorbidity is the presence of one or more additional disorders (or diseases) co-occurring with a primary disease or disorder.

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