Suggested Tasks for Conceptual Integration - Module 1

Carefully study the interdisciplinary discussions associated with the Module 1 topics of kinematics, dynamics, work & energy, harmonic motion, fluid mechanics, and waves. Pause as you read to think about the conceptual bridges between the topics associated with it, listed on the left. Visit the chapter outlines of each topic to help visualize the subject matter. How are the different scientific ideas related to the discussion?

Review the concept map from MCAT Masters to help you picture the relationships of the scientific ideas and structure your knowledge base.

Learning Goals

Be capable of describing how the fundamental topics of Mechanics fit together.

Be able to describe the phenomena of Harmonic Motion, Elasticity, and Fluid Mechanics in the terms of the more fundamental mechanics topics: Kinematics, Newton's Laws, Work, Power & Energy, and Momentum & Impulse.

Be prepared to discuss basic mechanics within a constant force environment, whether the force is gravitational or electrostatic. What is the constant force system for each type of force?

Apply the ideas of mechanical work and potential energy to begin developing the concept of binding energy for simple gravitational and electrostatic systems.


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