External Resourses

Chem1 Virtual Textbook - Free energy and equilibrium
Good tutorial on the thermodynamic basis of the equilibrium state.

Purdue University - Equilibrium Expressions
Good, clear comprehensive treatment covering the ins and outs of reaction quotients and equilibrium constants. Recommended.

Chem1 Virtual Textbook - Q and K: what's the difference?
Discussion of the crucial distinction between the reaction quotient, Q, and the equilibrium constant, K.

Chem1 Virtual Textbook - How to write equilibrium expessions
How to express reaction quotients and equilibrium constants for different types of reactions.

Chem1 Virtual Textbook - Measuring and calculating equilibrium constants
Problem solving techniques for equilibrium problems. Although the format of the MCAT is not conducive to quantitative problems with multiple steps, want to make sure you understand the problem-solving logic.