External Resourses

Chem1 Virtual Textbook - Molecules in motion: introduction to kinetic molecular theory
Careful, thorough, easy-to-understand introduction to kinetic theory with many interesting examples and illustrations.

Chem1 Virtual Textbook - More on the kinetic-molecular model
Continuation of Dr. Lower's excellent introduction to kinetic theory.

HyperPhysics - Kinetic Theory

Purdue University - The Kinetic Molecular Theory
Illustrated introduction to kinetic theory with a good discussion of the relationship between the microstate, the perspective of the particles, and the macrostate as described in the gas laws.

PY105 Notes - Kinetic Theory
Excellent introduction to kinetic theory.

HyperPhysics - Mean Free Path

HyperPhysics - Maxwell Speed Distribution

HyperPhysics - The Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution

HyperPhysics - Molecular Constants

HyperPhysics - Equipartition of Energy

HyperPhysics - Graham's Law