Physics Test 1       

Physics Test 2       

Physics Test 3       

Biology Test 1       

Biology Test 2       

Biology Test 3       
Each physics test has 80 true-false questions, and there are 110 questions in each biology test. In small group teaching in the past a score of 70% on the physics questions has been consistent with a performance of at least a 10 on MCAT physical sciences. The score reports after each exam will provide your relative performance data versus other test-takers at the topic level. A printable version of the score report for each test will be available. In addition to diagnostic information, the printable reports provide all questions with complete explanations.

Although these exams are on the difficult side, especially for the very beginning of MCAT review, please do not allow yourself to be discouraged. The exams will teach you the points of common confusion that MCAT writers exploit in making their wrong answer choices. The true and false statements in each exam are designed to show you how language is used in correct and incorrect answers in MCAT multiple choice questions. Good luck on your diagnostic tests!
The WikiPremed MCAT Course is a free comprehensive course in the undergraduate level general sciences. Undergraduate level physics, chemistry, organic chemistry and biology are presented by this course as a unified whole within a spiraling curriculum.

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