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Hello. This is John Wetzel. This post is to let everyone know that WikiPremed is entering a phase in our development process which requires some direct teaching on my part. One-on-one tutoring with me via Skype is now available. This is a very limited opportunity. Working directly with me, you will receive the best MCAT preparation in the world customized to your individual needs. You will have the most experienced instructor in the field completely dedicated to helping you succeed, and you will be helping make WikiPremed better, because real world teaching is where the inspiration and insights come from to move WikiPremed forward. It is an incredibly rewarding experience for me to work directly with students to help them build an integrated knowledge base.

Cost and Logistics

The fee for one-on-one tutoring is $80/hour. Each session will be three hours long with a break in the middle. After pre-payment of the fee for the first session, we will go through an email Q&A as well as a series of diagnostics and assessments so that we can get a good sense of your strengths and weaknesses before we begin actual tutoring. The content of the overall course will depend your starting point and your goals for the course. Aside from payment for the first session, there is no other registration fee. Typically, with one-on-one students, approximately twelve to fifteen sessions are ideal for a comprehensive review. However, the pace and scope of the tutoring can vary with the student's performance. Sessions may be scheduled either once or twice per week.

I will only work with students who have ample time to study between tutoring sessions. After each session, the student is expected to carefully review their notes from that session, carry out course assignments and prepare for the next session.

Course Materials

In addition to WikiPremed materials, you will need the Examkrackers set, The Berkeley Review set (after the 2015 edition is available), or complete conceptual materials from one of the national courses. You will also need AAMC practice materials.


Simply contact me. I am at your service for any questions or concerns.

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