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HyperPhysics - Basic Rotational Quantities

HyperPhysics - Angular Velocity

HyperPhysics - Description of Rotation

PY105 Notes - Center of gravity; and Rotational variables
Nice overview of rotational kinematics.

University of Winnipeg - Angular Velocity and Acceleration
Summary of the concepts of angular velocity and acceleration. Good for quick review.

University of Winnipeg - Formulae for Constant Angular Acceleration
Rotational kinematics equations analogous to the familiar equations of kinematics for constant acceleration in translational motion.

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Translational kinematics describes changes in an object's position while rotational kinematics deals with changes in angular displacement. The relationship between net changes with rates of change are governed by the same elementary mathematics. The product of a rate of change and a period of time is an amount of change. What this means is that mathematically, the expressions of rotational kinematics are often very similar to the expressions of translational kinematics, with substitution of angular displacement for displacement, angular velocity for velocity, and angular acceleration for acceleration.

Problem solving pathways in rotational mechanics almost all have analogies in translational mechanics. Help yourself keep track of rotation by mapping each proposition onto its analogy from translational motion.

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