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PY105 Notes - Work and Energy
Well-written insightful lecture notes, good at conveying an intuitive feel for the basics of mechanical work and energy.

Monterey Institute - Work and Work-Energy Theorem
Multimedia presentation.

University of Winnipeg - Work and Energy
Nice, concise set of tutorials

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Abnormal Psychology

Work, Energy, and Power

The concept of energy is one of the most important concepts in science. Perhaps the simplest definition of energy is that it is a measure of a system's ability to perform work. Energy is classified as either potential energy or kinetic energy. Potential energy is the energy shared by a system as a consequence of position or state. Potential energy includes such forms as gravitational energy or chemical energy. What makes energy exceedingly useful as a concept is that when the various forms of energy in an isolated system are transformed from one form to another, the total energy must remain the same.

Beyond straightforward Mechanics problems, energy concepts are tested in various contexts throughout the physical sciences section of the test. The MCAT writers are fond of following unusual phenomena or difficult seeming contexts in a passage with at least one or two fairly basic questions about energy. The concepts of Work, Power & Energy, of course, underpin the entire body of the physical and biological sciences. As this MCAT course progresses, whether the topic is electric circuits or membrane transport, you should continuously work on building the habit of always asking "What's going on with energy?"

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