At the start: You may notice that our mechanics videos go beyond the usual recapitulations and pared down concepts of MCAT review. This is because the WikiPremed MCAT Course follows a spiraling curriculum. While covering the fundamental concepts of mechanics, we are also preparing ourselves for later physics and chemistry. Over years of teaching we learned that a spiraling, interdisciplinary method is the most effective way to build a superior knowledge base for the MCAT.

We are pleased to announce that our discounted bundle of printed publications now includes a free disc with the course videos in MPEG-4 format to allow you to watch offline or upload to a mobile device like iPhone or Android. The disc also contains PDFs of the video slides to help with note-taking. WikiPremed publications are the most effective and innovative learning materials in MCAT prep. We appreciate our customers!

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The WikiPremed MCAT Course is a free comprehensive course in the undergraduate level general sciences. Undergraduate level physics, chemistry, organic chemistry and biology are presented by this course as a unified whole within a spiraling curriculum.

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