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The WikiPremed MCAT Course

WikiPremed's mission is to lower economic barriers to becoming a doctor and to improve the quality of MCAT review for everyone. The structure of the WikiPremed MCAT Course reflects years of experience working closely with premedical students in MCAT preparation. Conceptual mastery is the key to a superior MCAT score. WikiPremed results from thousands of hours of real life interactions of individuals working together to achieve conceptual mastery. What we discovered is that interdisciplinary MCAT review can be much more interesting and effective than recapitulating undergraduate coursework. WikiPremed is a unified course in which the understanding of chemistry develops from physics, and the biological sciences develop from the physical sciences. The WikiPremed MCAT Course is the most compelling and substantive MCAT review course, but it does not cost thousands or even hundreds of dollars. It is completely open access. There are no registration fees or restricted areas at WikiPremed. You can study here for as long as you need for free.

MCAT Masters Concept Map

MCAT Masters teaches you the structure of the scientific knowledge-base. A beautiful Concept Map accompanies the Question Books, employing forms from world architecture to convey the conceptual relationships within the physical and biological sciences. Printed in full color on a durable, silk-like material called YUPO, the Concept Map shows a mental map of the universe from a scientific perspective. Additionally, it becomes a playing board, transforming MCAT Masters into a knowledge game for either individual or group play. MCAT Masters is a premedical learning system that makes preparing for the MCAT more effective and interesting. MCAT Masters is part of the WikiPremed Bundle.

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Every order of the WikiPremed Bundle now includes a disc with the project videos in MPEG-4 format. With the disc you can watch the videos offline or upload to your mobile device like iPhone or Android.

MCAT Masters is a conceptual primer and knowledge game that makes MCAT preparation more fun and effective. MCAT Masters is a sophisticated learning system for individual study and group play. It will help you to build the conceptual vocabulary you need for MCAT passages and structure your knowledge base for improved retention and understanding throughout MCAT review.

Covering the essential knowledge for MCAT physics, the 500 concept and question cards of WikiPremed's Physics Flashcards reflect years of teaching experience and years of development. This set of convenient study cards is the most effective publication available for mastering MCAT physics.

The WikiPremed Organic Reaction Mechanisms Pocket-Book helps students overcome one of the most formidable challenges of undergraduate science, the reaction mechanisms of organic chemistry. Presenting the mechanisms in a clear, straight-forward way, this unique book makes learning and retaining them manageable.

Mastery of the factual knowledge required in physiology is one of the biggest challenges for MCAT preparation. To assist students with this effort, a printed, bound copy of the WikiPremed Physiology Crossword Puzzles is available.

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The 2015 MCAT

John Wetzel is accepting a few students for one-on-one Skype tutoring for the 2015 exam. This represents a very limited opportunity to prepare for the 2015 exam with the most experienced instructor in MCAT prep. Please contact WikiPremed for more information.

Course Materials

For some assignments in the syllabus, you will need the Examkrackers set, or if you prefer a more extensive treatment, you can substitute assignments from The Berkeley Review. You will also need real AAMC practice tests.

Additionally, WikiPremed publications are recommended for this course. There are no restricted areas or registration fees with the WikiPremed MCAT Course. We succeed by designing innovative printed learning materials, where print is necessary or advantageous for the course, and providing these for a low price with great service. The WikiPremed Bundle represents the most fun and effective learning materials for MCAT review, and in keeping with the philosophy of WikiPremed, we offer them at a price that should be affordable for everyone. This is how WikiPremed is possible without charging tuition, by providing a great value proposition with printed products that help you succeed on the MCAT. We appreciate our customers!

Our New Testing Center

Visit the Testing Center to identify your strengths and weaknesses by topic in physics and biology.

Grand Review

This two and a half hour slideshow presents a comprehensive review of MCAT science from beginning to end. This slideshow is useful for any phase of MCAT preparation. Watch periodically to supplement the in-depth video seminars in the course, reinforcing your memory and the overall structure of your knowledge-base. Use it as a meditation on the unity of science and for general, relaxed review. For more intense review, follow the topics testing yourself using the concept map, question books and question slider from MCAT Masters.

The WikiPremed MCAT Course is a free comprehensive course in the undergraduate level general sciences. Undergraduate level physics, chemistry, organic chemistry and biology are presented by this course as a unified whole within a spiraling curriculum.

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